Posted By : Shannon Crane

I am so thankful for Dr. Kindon, Dr. Jordan and all of their staff! I had to bring my dog, Zoey, in this week due to uncontrollable vomiting and she ended up needing surgery to remove an acorn that had lodged in her intestine.

After surgery, Dr. Jordan was more than happy to explain the details of the surgery to me. The surgery required her to stay two nights for treatment. Dr. Kindon called me each morning to let me know how she was doing and then she would give me another update when I came to visit.

The open communication really helped relieve my anxiety. All of the staff members were very caring. Thank you so much!!

Posted By : Prenda Salyers

I will never take another of my animals to this clinic. I took my sister’s dog to them today. I saw first hand how the dog was treated and was not happy at all about it. Billy Jordan is who saw the dog. I saw that Mr. Jordan has a bit of a temper with the dog and with his staff.

I used to go to Jordan’s years ago and was not impressed then. I had been told that the old Mr. Jordan was no longer there and it was better. It’s not any better there. I have no respect for Jordan and the way he handled the situation.

I will never bring another one of mine or my sisters’ dogs there again. He traumatized me and my sisters’ dog. The puppy had a nut shell of some kind caught on her tooth. He got upset with the puppy and the next thing I knew he had her by the throat with both of his hands and was shaking her violently. It could have been handled a lot differently. He even yelled at his help staff when they tried to help. Mr. Jordan has a quick temper.

Posted By : Tommie Prather

you were all so great with iolous,thank you very much. I would never take my baby any where else.iolous was 16 when dr Jorden gave him his last shot. so sad but they all under stood. how I have a 6 mo old for him to take care of. thank you so much

Posted By : Lillian McMillian

My little dachshund had to have surgery for kidney stones. Dr May performed the surgery and Sasha is doing so great. I did not realize how bad it was until after the surgery. She was going outside all the time I guess feeling the urge to go. Now she is able to rest and actually snored for the first time in a long time. Thank you Dr May for giving her back to us and giving her a new life!

Posted By : Ginny Bowman

Our family has used Jordan Veterinary as long as I can remember. My Buddy recently lost a lot of weight and nothing I did worked. The children and I were very worried. I called Jordan and they saw him first thing the next morning. He’s not used to being out and around other people, but they were wonderful with him.

Dr. Danielle May and everyone else there was kind, caring, and professional. Buddy’s feeling much better. Thank you!

Posted By : Baylee Brannon

My name is Baylee Brannon and i am 12 years old. My aunt Kim works for Dr. Jordan, and he is the greatest vet in all the area. He sponsored my softball team for all stars and I am very thankful for that. He treats everyone great and very professional and treats everyone and every animal the same with care and love.

I trust Dr.Jordan very well because I know he provides every animal with a safe clean kennel.Thank you Dr.Jordan you are my #1 role model and I hope to become a vet just like you! 🙂 love, Baylee Brannon

Posted By : Selena

Growing up in Vidor, my family has always entrusted the care of our companions to Dr. Jordan and his staff. Boots (my dog) and I currently live in Austin and use Banfield Veterinary (inside of Petsmart). To put it mildly, Banfield is horrible. Their doctors and their staff have given me poor and often conflicting services. Unfortunately I am locked into a payment plan with them.

I decided to call Dr. Jordan’s office and get advice about Boots from people that I trust and respect. I spoke to Nicole and she was exceedingly helpful. Even though Boots isn’t a current patient of Dr. Jordan’s, Nicole treated us with the same QUALITY care that I’ve always received from Jordan Veterinary. Unfortunately not every veterinary ascribes to the same code of ethics.

As soon as I can get out of my contract with Banfield, I plan on driving the 4 hours for Boots to be a patient of Jordan Veterinary. Thanks again, Nicole.

Posted By : Rachelle J Bradley

I wanted for our ‘Maddy’ to have the best Veternarian we could find that did not cost a fortune, and that cared. We got her at Labelle, and the lady told us they were POM POOH’S, all black, so for $100, and my daughter is disabled,[just lost her Grandad whom she loved just as much as her Dad and I, he was her playmate & best friend, she was 5, never lost anything or anyone close to her, but on March 1st he had a massive clot enter his heart, and passed right in front of her, she still asks about him about 4-5 days a week came 3 times a week to pick her up, and they would go run errands, they even wore overalls when they went to town], and we got Maddy, about June 1st, she was born April 25, 2008, and she is exactly 5 pounds Jenifer said at Dr. Jordans, my daughter and maddy clicked, right off the bat, Maddy and her were best friends, and we had planned to go to the Humane Society in Beaumont, but they were still half staffed, and just re-opened, so I called them , and they referred me to Dr. Jordan, and my neighbor, and everyone I seem to talk to about Dr. Jordan, and how well Maddy was taken care of would always say something very positive about him, so he is now our Dr. for our Maddy, I do believe my little girls Grandad had something to do with us getting her, out of 3 other puppies we were considering, Maddy and her play all day, she is home-bound on school due to her disability, Maddy is a also a Westie come to find out when we evacuated for IKE in Crokket were we had to board her, the Vet there said she looks just like a Westie, not a POM POOH, so being that we just took the sellers word, we just knew we loved her right off the bat, and now she will not come into heat, and I feel better knowing she has been fixed, baby teeth pulled-[ she lost weight], and everything he did for her, esp. making sure she was in no pain, and keeping her 2 nights at his office, and we go back right before Thanksgiving to get her stitches out, and her Booster shot. I feel that I made the right choice, by also for around $20 for 6 months of heart worm medicine, even though she stays inside, and on a chain when she goes outside. Thank You Dr. Jordan and Staff for making our Maddy a healthy Maddy.

Posted By : Renee (Mobley) Timpeiro

I wouldn’t take my three babies anywhere else. Darcy, Otis and Kevin are well cared for at Jordan Veterinary Clinic, which is a very clean, large facility. Everyone is very knowledgeable, friendly. and make you feel welcomed. They’ll treat you like they would want to be treated. I’m very confident in their abilities. Its almost time for my babies’ annual vaccinations, so we’ll see you soon!!

Posted By : Sherry Block (

My Mom and I have used Dr. Jordan ever since he opened up his office in Vidor. We love him and his staff. He is very patient and treats the animal in a kind and gentle way. We trust him and that’s very important when you take your dog (in our case) to him. He’s always been honest. We highly recommend him. Sherry Block

Posted By : Sharyn Knost

I have been using Dr. Jordan for over 20 yrs. This clinic is full of caring staff and dedicated doctors. There is no other place around that I would take my animals. It is very roomy, clean etc. The staff here treats the animals like they were their own. I know that I’m a client but they are also friends. Keep up the hard work and dedication Jordan Clinic